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Cool Dad Job: NBA Player

Cool Dad Vibe: Role Model

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Born and raised in Chicago, Dwyane Wade is most beloved in Miami, where he’s the Heat’s all-time leader in points, games, assists, steals, shots made, and shots taken. The three NBA championships he won in Miami don’t hurt either. And it’s not just basketball that Wade excels at. He’s good at life and well known for his kindness. When he heard the guy who stopped a shooting at a Waffle House was a huge fan, he flew to Los Angeles and surprised him on Ellen. When he heard that a library in Robbins, Illinois, was shutting down he wrote a check to keep it going. When he heard about a woman whose house burned down in 2008, he bought her a new one. When he heard that one of the children murdered at Stoneman Douglas High School was a fan, he showed up. Because that’s what D-Wade does. He shows up. At home, that means hanging with his wife Gabrielle Union, his three sons from previous relationships and the nephew he’s raising.