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Cool Dad Job: Filmmaker and Activist

Cool Dad Vibe: Activist Auteur

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Every artist brings their life into their work, and Black turned a turbulent childhood and struggles with accepting his homosexuality into a career as a filmmaker exploring those very themes. His efforts are remarkable for how thematically consistent they are with each other and with his own life. He’s creating something bigger, an artistic statement across fiction filmmaking (Milk, The Journey of Jared Price), theatre (8), and television (When We Rise) that is both astonishingly varied and amazingly consistent. It takes a guy with a real vision to find this level of success, and one with a lot of balls to draw so much from such painful experiences. Black is married to Olympic diver Tom Daley (landing a jock, extra cool points) with whom he welcomed his first child, Robert Ray Black-Daley, in June.