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Cool Dad Job: SVP, Speedo

Cool Dad Vibe: Uncool Coolness

Cool Dad Bona Fides: As a brand, Dockers used to bring to mind images of diaper-butt business casual khakis that would look at home in Bill Gates’s ‘90’s closet. (Sorry, Bill). So when father of four, Doug Conklyn took over the venerable brand in 2010, he had his work cut out for him. Conklyn took his own daredevil attitude — he’s an avid skateboarder — and experience working for Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, and Levi’s to remake the brand into something you’d actually want to wear. He ditched the parachute-like cuts, added more daring prints (camo!), and refocused the brand around its authentic American roots. In January, he left Dockers for Speedo, eager for another challenge, as if two sets of twins — that’s right, twin twins — wasn’t enough.