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Cool Dad Job: Renaissance Man

Cool Dad Vibe: Infinite Threat

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Donald Glover is creative dynamite. After writing for 30 Rock and starring as a nerd-tastic, ex-high school jock in Community, Glover conquered the pop and hip-hop rap charts as Childish Gambino. Not only did his music nab a Grammy, Glover was also awarded an Emmy for the hit show Atlanta, for which he writes, directs and stars. But it’s not just mind bending talent and bottomless creative output that makes Glover cool. In the midst of the madness, he keeps his home life sane and out of the press. Glover is pretty low key about his family which is a refreshing change of pace from pop-stars that wear their kids like accessories. Shows how much he loves his partner Michelle and his two sons, one of whom, Legend, might have the best baby name of all time.