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Cool Dad Job: Front Man, Imagine Dragons

Cool Dad Vibe: Earnest Balladeer

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Before he was a rock star, Reynolds was a Mormon. And not a casual Mormon, if there is such a thing. Reynolds was all in, going door-to-door in Nebraska and eventually enrolling at Brigham Young University. During his freshman year, he was kicked out for having premarital sex and, at this low point, he decided to become a musician. We’d say he’s been pretty successful; his band, Imagine Dragons, is one of the biggest bands in the world. Today Reynolds has the typical accoutrements of the rock star lifestyle: world tours, adoring fans, plenty of money. But he hasn’t become a douchebag, choosing instead to live life with a sense of purpose which in his case, is making life better for LGBT youth, a group often shunned by the Mormon church. In their dad, his three kids have a great role model as they grow up, a rock star who, after some extreme difficulties, made the choice to improve the world he grew up in rather than burn it down.