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Cool Dad Job: Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Cool Dad Vibe: Spielberg 2.0

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Trevorrow is a guy who scrapped, worked hard to earn his shot at the big leagues. Trevorrow got his start with self-financed online shorts like “Home Base” and indies like Safety Not Guaranteed. He had a big chance with Star Wars: Episode IX, but left the project when Disney wanted to change the script his longtime writing partner had written. After another film of his received negative reviews, he talked in an interview about “moments in your life when your kids see that you’ve fallen down. And they watch, waiting to see if you’re going to get up. And how you handle failure will teach them how to handle it themselves.” Now he’s back as the director of the upcoming Jurassic World III. Teaching his two kids such a valuable lesson in such a public way shows that he’s a great dad. Having the vision to make movies his way, no matter the consequences, shows that he’s a cool dad.