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Cool Dad Job: Head Coach of the Boston Celtics

Cool Dad Vibe: Nerdy Leader

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Brad Stevens is a basketball genius. During his coaching tenure at Butler, Stevens managed to become the youngest head coach in the history of college basketball to take his team to back-to-back National Championships. And so far, he’s proven to be every bit as prolific in his transition to the NBA. When Stevens inherited the Celtics in 2013, they were one of the worst teams in the league. And just five years later, they were one game away from beating possible superhuman LeBron James and making the finals despite losing the team’s two best players to injury. Did we mention he’s only 41? Stevens is also a father of two, his son Brady and daughter Kinsey, and he has made it clear he considers his job as parent far more important than his coaching career.