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Cool Dad Job: Founder, Pinterest

Cool Dad Vibe: Well-Crafted Tech Dude

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Growing up in Des Moines, Ben Silbermann collected dried insects and pinned them to pieces of cardboard to show them off. Sound familiar? It should. Silbermann — now a Yale grad, Google alum, and 36-year-old internet entrepreneur — is the guy who made ‘pinning’ stuff popular on the internet when he co-founded Pinterest, the visual discovery, collection, and sharing site in 2010. His goal was simple, to inspire people to go out and do stuff — whether it’s decorate their house, knit a sweater, or plan a wedding. What makes Silbermann stand out is that he’s fabulously successful, very rich, and has been totally scandal-free. He’s got a nice-guy reputation in a field known for its creeping competitiveness. Silbermann lives in San Francisco with his two sons and his wife, who came up with the name Pinterest.