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Cool Dad Job: Producer, Singer, Rapper

Cool Dad Vibe: Quincy Jones Part 2

Cool Dad Bona Fides: When the pot farm where he was working closed down, Anderson.Paak, the son of a Korean-American immigrant mother and an abusive father, found himself homeless. He had a wife and an infant son and just enough experience in the music business to think that he might be able to carve out a career, which he jumpstarted by becoming a mainstay of LA’s underground scene. Paak hit the road as a professional drummer and eventually made a name for himself — at the time, he went by Breezy Lovejoy — gaining notoriety for employing a diverse amalgamation of sounds and influences that match the diversity of his life experiences. Now, he’s an in-demand producer, Dr. Dre is his mentor, he collaborates with Spike Jonze, and he occasionally performs with his 5-year-old son, Soul, who shows off his beatboxing skills on his father’s Instagram.