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Cool Dad Job: Film Director, Writer

Cool Dad Vibe: Funny as Hell

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Adam McKay is responsible for early 2000s hits like Anchorman and Talladega Nights, but he also created the website Funny or Die with Will Ferrell in 2007. And that’s where McKay’s cool dad cred kicks off. McKay is legendary for casting his baby daughter Pearl opposite Ferrell as a drunken foul mouthed landlord in the Funny or Die short, “The Landlord.” But giving his daughter an early career in comedy with a legend like Ferrell isn’t the only way McKay makes the cool dad list. Because he’s also figured out how to make movies for people who have graduated from college and care about their future with films like The Big Short. It’s rare to find a film director who can code-switch between uproarious and measured, but McKay is that guy. His wife, Shira Piven, is a movie director, too, which makes life for their two kids interesting as hell.