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Cool Dad Job: Rapper

Cool Dad Vibe: Relentlessly Positive

Cool Dad Bona Fides: Ace Hood, real name Antoine McCollister, rose to fame with the kind of swaggering hard-ass bangers that made Cash Money records both its cash and its money. Case in point: 2013’s mega-hit “Bugatti.” But after the birth of his daughter Sailor Blu (and tragic death of her twin-sister, Lyric), Hood began to change. Now a father of two — his son, Antoine Jr., was born in 2014 — the independent artist raps about emotional vulnerability (“Hate to say this, I ain’t been a father lately / And I feel like I been a screw up / But then again everybody needs to tune up”) and frequently peppers in ‘grams of him cuddling his kids along with the many of him shirtless in beast-mode. Ace Hood’s second act is going well. Since going independent in 2017, Hood has been selling out venues across the country — he brings his kids to see “dad work” — and had to see his Trust The Process and Trust The Process 2: Undefeated eclipse 100 million streams.