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Cool Dad Job: National Geographic Photographer

Cool Dad Vibe: Lots of Pockets and Some Scruff

Cool Dad Bona Fides: In 2002, Aaron Huey walked across America with his dog Cosmo. It was the sort of stunt that most men would never be able to top. Not Huey. A photographer by trade, Huey has since shot for National Geographic in the Himalayas, Afghanistan, Sioux Nation and Siberia. He has also trained his son, Hawkeye Huey, who published a book of photo portraits at age six and now boasts over 200,000 Instagram followers. As if that weren’t enough, Huey has moonlighted as a very effective activist. He was the man behind the “We The People” art project featured at the Women’s March in January 2017. The project raised $1.36 million dollars on Kickstarter in 8 days, a standing record.