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10 Times The Kids Of Professional Athletes Upstaged Their Fathers With Adorableness

Now that NBA regular season MVP Stephen Curry’s 2-year-old daughter Riley has shown the world what it takes to be a playoffs MVP, some in sports media are asking if it’s appropriate for professional athletes to let their kids upstage them on TV. This is the wrong question; the correct question is, “Has anyone ever been more adorable than Riley while upstaging their professional athlete parents on TV? And the answer is … you decide.

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Derrick Rose’s Son PJ
2015 NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals
Turns out, Riley wasn’t even the first 2-year-old to be more entertaining than their dad during a postgame press conference in this year’s playoffs. Check out PJ punctuating Bulls captain Derrick Rose’s bland non-answers with a buzzer-beating brow furrowing game.

Jorge Posada’s Son Jorge Luis
2002 MLB All Star Game
The Yankees catcher sends his 2-and-a-half-year-old to pinch hit for him during the pregame introductions. Little Jorge Luis displays skills better suited to a running back, as he nearly avoids a tackle from hated Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez.

Jonathan Quick’s Daughter Madison
2012 Stanley Cup Finals
Unlike her famously soft-spoken father, 2-year-old Madison manages to make her voice be heard in celebrating the Los Angeles Kings’ historic first Stanley Cup victory, despite being too short to be seen above the podium.

Jake Peavy

Jake Peavy’s Son Judson
2014 MLB World Series
To be fair, Peavy’s son Wyatt, a fifth grader, does most of the heavy lifting on this one, but the kindergarten-age Judson earns the walkoff victory 3-and-a-half minutes in when he tells the assembled media that Peavy isn’t his favorite baseball player.

Chris Paul’s Son Chris Jr.
2012 NBA Playoffs
Chris Jr. has been a staple at his father’s press conferences for years now, but in 2012 he proves he has game of his own by revealing to the world the infamous “Blake Face.” Clippers power forward Blake Griffen himself thinks twice about stepping to that.

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Son Brady
2014 NFL Regular Season
After a 6 touchdown performance, the Harvard-educated Houston Texans QB doesn’t wait for his 7-year-old son to crash the podium. He brings him up to prove that Brady can school the assembled media in math as well as pops could school an NFL defense (that one time, anyway).

Dusty Baker’s Son Darren
2002 MLB World Series
The 3-and-a-half-year-old San Francisco Giants’ bat boy manages to avoid being pancaked when trying to retrieve Kenny Lofton’s bat only by the quick thinking JT Snow, who scoops him up while crossing home plate. Baker also manages to get a new MLB rule — the one stipulating MLB bat boys be 14 or older — named after him.

Tim Duncan’s Daughter Sydney And Son Draven
2014 NBA Finals
The reserved future hall-of-famer proves the apples didn’t fall far from the (very tall) tree, when 8-year-old Sydney delivers a perfect, 9-word non-answer and 6-year-old Draven has to have any answer at all dragged out of him.

Koji Uehara’s Son Kaz
2013 MLB World Series
Uehara, the Red Sox closer who became a fan favorite despite a seriously limited English vocabulary, gets schooled by his own son, who doesn’t need a translator during the trophy presentation and does what millions of baseball fans would have done given the chance: leaves Erin Andrews hanging on a high five.

Jon Lester’s Son Hudson
2015 MLB Preseason
After signing with the Cubs, the former Red Sox ace’s 4-and-a-half-year-old son interrupts Lester’s introductory press conference by stealing his dad’s water and whispering cryptically into the microphone — something superstitious Cubs fans will no doubt point to when Lester fails to deliver the beleaguered franchise a World Series.