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What To Feed The Kid When You Have To Feed Them Pre-Made Food

When it comes to your kid’s diet. Pediatricians recommend the “80/20 rule,” which dictates that you feed your kid homemade, organic or non-processed food 80 percent of the time. That’s a nice idea, but there are plenty of economic and practical reasons why “20” might wind up more like “43.” Still, you can choose wisely when you go with packaged food. Dr. Kim Bruno, a clinical nutritionist, reviews these foods from a practical perspective as well as her own kid’s perspective. The two don’t always line up, but they’ll give you a decent sense of what may or may not work for your own kid, from brands like Earth’s Best, Gerber, Yo Baby and Beechnut. She even logs her own take each product’s taste, which will come in handy at some drunken point in the future that you’ll never admit to in public.