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The Run-up: Week 6

flickr / Ishikawa Ken

You know one of those tiny, vaguely tube shaped licorice sprinkles? That’s how long your baby is from “crown to rump.” That measurement is also called crown-rump length, or CRL. This week your baby starts growing a face. Hopefully one as striking and handsome as yours. And not one they’ll eventually trade with Nicolas Cage.

Your Partner: Might be freaking out about the chances of miscarriage. Take her to dinner and talk about anything else.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 5 or skip ahead to Week 7)

How To Write A Will And Find Life Insurance Before You Become A Father

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How A Father’s Pregnancy Stress Can Screw Up His Unborn Kid

It’s well known that a mom’s stress can affect the development of her kid, but a dad’s stress level can be just as harmful. Learn why and how to fix it.
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What Fish Pregnant Women Should Eat And Why

Should fish be eaten during pregnancy or not? Check out the risks, benefits and guidelines about what fish is safe to eat and what pees through its skin.
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