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The Run-up: Week 40

Boom. It’s due date time. And the whole world is ready to meet the newest member of the human race. Of course that could happen now. Right now! Or maybe a couple weeks from now. Don’t worry if the due date passes without a kid. They’ll be here soon. Let us know how it worked out! Seriously!

Your Partner: She’s a champ and deserves all the good things. All of them.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 39)

What Happens In The Delivery Room When Your Baby Arrives

If you’re feeling anxious about how things will go down when your due date arrives, check out this breakdown of a basic hospital or birth center delivery.
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Common Birth Complications And What They Mean For Your Kid’s Delivery

No one can tell you for sure how the birth of your kid is going to go down. Learn about some of the more common birth complications and ease your mind.
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This 90-Minute ‘Push Playlist’ Is All The Songs You Need To Play During Your Kid’s Birth

Looking to provide the delivery room with a little atmosphere? Try this exhaustive (and exhausting) playlist that will have your kid coming into the world in style.
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