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The Run-up: Week 36

Your kid’s immune system and sucking reflex have matured now. Pretty much everything should be working as it should. Your kid is taking up the entire amniotic sack at this point and packing on even more fat. It’s also sucking up that fine fur and waxy stuff that was covering their body for the last few months. This will eventually be your kid’s first bowel movement. It will be black and weird.

Your Partner: She might be able to breath easier as the kid drops into her pelvis. But she’ll be peeing way more often. Welcome to your 4-week tour of local restrooms.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 35 or skip ahead to Week 37)

Know The Signs And Stages of Labor So You Can Be Ready When It Happens

A quick reference guide to the signs, stages, and symptoms of labor, including breaking water, serious back pain, and regular contractions (Braxton Hicks). Plus, an introduction to the mucous plug.
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What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Mom And Baby (And You)

A hospital bag checklist of everything you need to pack for mom, baby, and you to get through labor and birth. Plus some frozen meals you can eat for weeks after you get home.
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Does Your Kid Have One Of The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016?

Nameberry, a baby naming database for parents, released a list of the top 100 names for boys and girls in 2016 based on data from millions of users.
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