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The Run-up: Week 34

Head down, butt up, that’s the way they like to … have the baby positioned in the uterus around about this time. That’s because this is the position that will allow them to slide head first into the world. If “slide” is really the right term for something about the size of the 2 Live Crew triple-vinyl box set (which doesn’t exist but totally should).

Your Partner: May be exhausting herself with the final touches on your hacienda. Take some tasks off her hands, if you have the bandwidth.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 33 or skip ahead to Week 35)

10 Baby Names Inspired By Adventurers And Explorers

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10 Classic Board Books You Need To Buy Before Your Kid Is Born

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Why Traditional Toys Make Your Baby Babble Better Than Tech Toys

A JAMA Pediatrics study from Northern Arizona University has found that maybe you don’t need toys that bleep, bloop and stream content in order for your kid to learn.
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