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The Run-up: Week 33

The kid is growing crazy fast now, and their body is starting to store stuff they’ll need after their arrival. That includes iron, phosphorus and calcium. They’re also storing more fat. You might be storing more fat too as you attempt to keep up with your lady. That’s natural, but you still might want to explore some great ways to fight it, tubby.

Your Partner: Might be interested in going over the birth plan again … and again. Just make sure you know birth can be tricky. Be open to changes in the plan if necessary.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 32 or skip ahead to Week 34)

Having A Disabled Kid: A Guide For Pregnant Couples

Finding out you’re having a child that’s affected by a disability prompts a flood of questions. Find some answers here and get ready for the journey.
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Why You Might Want To Be Skeptical Of Bedrest

Bed rest was a fairly common recommendation for women in danger of pre-term labor. However, recent research has cast doubts on its effectiveness.
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German Beer Brewer Figures Out How To Do Pregnancy Photography For Guys

The German beer company Bergedorfer Bier came out with a funny series of ads featuring dads parodying maternity boudoir pictures. So get drinking and grab your camera.
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