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The Run-up: Week 25

The baby can now hear things and may even respond to your voice. Maybe don’t talk to your partner’s belly in public. And even though the kid has developed a startle reflex, avoid the urge to suddenly pop paper bags and ask your partner is she felt anything jump. Your kid is about the size of one of those “cute” mini-kegs you can get in the grocery store.

Your Partner: She might be suffering from a little heartburn at night. That means you might be suffering from a little sleeplessness at night.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 24 or skip ahead to Week 26)

When Can A Fetus Hear In The Womb?

Research from the University of Helsinki shows that in addition to beginning to hear in the third trimester, newborn babies remember sounds they hear in the womb, such as their mother’s voice.
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10 Baby Names Inspired By The Coolest Movie Kids

Your new baby is going to make your life more exciting than any movie. So why not give them a movie-inspired name? Check out these cinematic baby names.
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The Best Baby Swings, Bouncers, And Rockers To Soothe A Wailing Kid To Sleep

Swings, bouncers, and rockers are great for soothing babies or freeing you to shower, cook, etc. Great options from Fisher-Price, BabyBjorn, and more.
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