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The Run-up: Week 23

Now your kid has fingerprints and they’ll never escape the Feds. Your baby also shows rapid eye movements. Of course having REM in the womb puts them well ahead of most music geeks. Not even born and they’re enjoying Life’s Rich Pageant. Oh, and your kid is about the size of an old-timey pint of bourbon.

Your Partner: Now may be a good time to get that babymoon out of the way before travel gets too uncomfortable, or the doc suggests she stay close.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 22 or skip ahead to Week 24)

The Lead-Free, ‘This Old House’-Approved Guide To Painting The Nursery

If preparing your home for your baby means remodeling or painting, use this guide to learn how to check for lead-based paint in your home, which non-VOC paint to buy, and how to do the job.
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What Research Says About Your Pregnant Partner Eating Nuts

How to approach nuts during pregnancy has been controversial for decades. New research seeks to clarify if pregnant women should include nuts in their diet.
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How Stress During And After Pregnancy Affects Your Baby

Stress during and after pregnancy alters babies’ brain development, increases odds of disorders like ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and may alter their genes. Enjoying your social life actually helps.
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