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The Run-up: Week 19

Your baby has developed a strange waxy coating that will protect their skin as they continue to grow. They’re about the size of a pair of chunky hipster glasses, so clearly they are already on fleek and way cooler than you.

Your Partner: She actually might be feeling kinda frisky. Do not pass up the opportunity.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 18 or skip ahead to Week 20)

The Top Baby Names Linked To Criminal Behavior

The name you pick for your kid probably isn’t going to put them on the criminal path, but it’s good to know that many Johnnys grow up to assault.
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Amniocentesis In Depth: Why You Might Accept The Risks

Pregnancy is full of worry, including what prenatal tests could uncover. Learn about amniocentesis in order to be a better informed and less worried partner.
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You Have An Ancient Virus And It Might Determine If Your Baby Will Be A Son Or Daughter

Is it possible that ancient viral genes determine whether you have a boy or girl? Why, yes. Yes it is. According to science.
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