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The Run-up: Week 15

Your kid is growing a hairline. At least someone in the family is going in the right direction. The baby is also showing some backbone as the skeleton starts to develop. You’re showing some backbone by starting to suggest some of the more awesome Punk Rock baby names.

Your Partner: Options for prenatal testing begin to open up this week. Get ready for some heartfelt conversations.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 14 or skip ahead to Week 16)

14 Baby Names Inspired By Punk Rock

There are powerful names and then there are names that kick down the doors of the system and scream in its stupid face. These are the latter.
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Best Baby Health And Wellness Products For Their First Year (That No One Will Buy You)

Your kid needs a thermometer, nail clipper, humidifier, first aid kit, and more, but those make lame gifts, so you’ll have to buy these yourself.
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The Best Micronutrients For Your Baby’s Brain And How To Get Them

A handful of micronutrients ensure your baby’s brain will have healthy development in the womb. Find out what they are and the simple trick to getting enough.
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