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The Run-up: Week 14

The baby’s gender becomes easily apparent on an ultrasound — time to start arguing with your lady about whether or not you’re going to find out what it is. You’ll be interested to know that your kid’s liver has started making red blood cells, which makes your poor abused liver so jealous. It’s alright. Drink another beer and consider the fact your kid is about the size of a 1983 Major Bludd GI Joe.

Your Partner: She’ll have renewed energy. Get your more athletic sex in this week.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 13 or skip ahead to Week 15)

What You Need To Know About Pregnancy And Health insurance

Pregnancy can complicate your health insurance options. Find out which questions you’ll want to have answered before the kid arrives.
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Building A Birth Plan: A Guy’s Guide To Staying (Mostly) Out Of The Way

You’ll want to build a birth plan with your partner. And you’ll want to keep most of your opinions to yourself if they don’t involve umbilical cord cutting.
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How To Find A Dad Class (Which Is A Thing Now)

Classes that teach guys how to take care of their baby are a thing now. Could you use one? Find out.
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