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The Run-up: Week 13

Your kid can do stuff like make a fist and suck their thumb. They also, finally, have a human-looking profile (which they must get from their mom). Your kid is about the size of one of those rad 8-ball stick shift toppers, and they’re already as cool as someone who would have an 8-ball stick shift topper.

Your Partner: She’s heading into the second trimester and will be starting to gain weight, which you are never ever allowed to mention.

Here’s everything that you should know for this week. (You can also look back to Week 12 or skip ahead to Week 14)

How Sadness During Pregnancy Affects Your Baby

We know prolonged prenatal stress can be disastrous in pregnancy, but what about just watching some sad movies? The answer may surprise you.
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What to Register For Baby

New sites like Wishpot, SoKind, Babylist, and My Registry let you request items from any store as well as cash and college funds and chores, services, home-cooked meals, second-hand goods, and time.
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The Best Bassinets And Co-Sleepers

The best bassinets and co-sleepers for your pre-crib newborn. Options from Stokke, BabyBjörn, HALO, Arms Reach, Graco, The First Years, BabyLetto, and more.
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