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Survey Says Fathers’ Eating Habits Are Horrifying

According to Uber Eats, more than half of parents admit to digging into their kid's leftovers instead of throwing it all away.

If your kid leaves a perfectly decent hamburger unfinished during dinner, rather than toss the whole whopper out, chances are that you’ll take a quick bite before bidding the rest adieu. The bad news is that this is not good for your health. The good news — well, bad in a broader social sense, but reassuring — is that you’re not alone. Really not alone. As in, you’re reportedly among a group of over half of American parents noshing on tons of leftovers. That’s according to a new survey lead by food delivery service Uber Eats, which basically confirms that parents have laughable eating habits.

Uber Eats, a platform primarily known for bringing people pad thai on rainy days, teamed up with the Harris Poll to publish the “How America Eats” survey, which digs deep into eating habits in the U.S. The survey found that 60 percent of respondents who were parents admit to eating their kids’ leftovers every once in a while instead of throwing them out right away. But 26 percent admit to doing so always or often. And, in each case, fathers are the main culprits.

Uber Eats’ survey revealed more than just that dads like munching on unfinished chicken nuggets. It also found that 40 percent of parents admit to arguing over which restaurant to order from, and will sometimes order from two different restaurants if they can’t resolve their differences. And parents of kids under 18 tend to skip lunch and text while dining more than their peers.

It’s not all bad habits, though. “How America Eats” revealed that parents of kids under 18 are more comfortable with sharing food, ordering the same food, and going out to eat whether alone or in groups. They also experiment with new restaurants in their area and want to support the local economy through eating out or dining in. So, on the whole, parents tend to exhibit poor eating habits, but they’re usually well-intentioned. And there’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of about shoveling old mac and cheese into your mouth instead of wasting it.