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Tips And Tricks That Will Help Your Kid Grow Into A Healthy Eater

Getting your kid to eat well has less to do with what you feed them and more to do with how. Sure, you have to keep a limit on the amount of processed and preserved food you’re feeding them, along with the basics of avoiding the bad fats and artificial stuff. But if you can establish healthy habits, then the food will follow suit. So, try to stick to schedule for meals and snacks; eat as a family and serve your kid family style, with different things on different plates. Dietician Ellyn Satter’s “Division Of Responsibility” calls for parents to determine what, when and where their kid eats; the kid gets to determine how much or if they want to eat at all. There are other research-backed methods to keep in mind, all of which should limit the amount of Happy Meals you have to contend with in the coming years.