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Cool Dad Job: Engineer, National Geographic Explorer

Latest Cool Dad Achievement: Dunking on Indiana Jones

In 2016, Dr. Albert Yu Min Lin, engineer, National Geographic Explorer, host of Lost Cities, and extremely handsome dude, crushed his leg in an off-road accident. The leg had to be amputated and Lin struggled with the crippling phantom limb pain. Lin leaned on his UC San Diego network and found a doctor who ready to go off-road with his treatment. With the help of a little psilocybin and a lot of meditation, Lin “found that barriers are all in your mind” then promptly got back to work. Lin has used LIDAR to search for Ghengis Khan’s hidden tomb and developed a first-of-its-kind satellite crowdsourcing analytics tool (the Pentagon got very interested). He’s a brilliant and intense dude who keeps his priorities straight. “Being a father is my number one purpose in life,” he explains. The other mindblowing exploits? Those are just accomplishments.