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The Science Behind What Sugar Does To Your Kid

Sugar releases dopamine into the brain the same way recreational drugs do – some research pegs the stuff as 8 times more addictive than cocaine. That’s unsettling for adults with a sweet tooth, but for kids it can mean far more than just the occasional dance with the Tasmanian Sugar Devil. Because the stuff is directly responsible for tooth decay, hyperactivity, obesity and type 2 diabetes – and because food manufacturers obfuscate ingredient lists by using at least 57 different names for the stuff – Dr. Mark Hyman argues that sugar should be considered toxic. That might sound like a (literal) buzz kill, but it would probably go a long way towards curing some of our most persistent juvenile health issues. If nothing else, keep an eye on what you’re kid is eating, always go with fresh fruit over fruit juice, and try to avoid any ingredient ending in “ose” – fructose, glucose, sucrose or, er, Oreos?