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Dr. Harvey Karp is a pediatrician, child development expert, and author of The Happiest Baby on the Block. He’s also the founder of Happiest Baby, the smart-tech and parenting solutions company that makes the renowned Snoo Smart Sleeper, an automated crib that helps babies sleep.


The Snoo is based on Karp’s famous “5 S’s” technique of baby soothing, which is designed to mimic conditions in the womb. Any parent can do the 5 S’s, even without a smart sleeper. It begins with swaddling then holding the infant on their side. Once in that position, they can be shushed to, swung gently, and given something to suck.  Applied in order, these steps calm a baby and can serve as the foundation to bedtime rituals and sleep training. “It’s just balancing what makes kids calmer versus what makes kids feel like playing,” explains Karp.