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This Thanksgiving Workout Is Your Pass for Third Helpings

Any old 45-minute workout won't offset a day of gluttony. It takes a properly brutal workout to do that.

No matter where you are this Thanksgiving, you’re probably not going to stop after one plate. Turkey, pie — so much pie — mashed potatoes, and other such comfort foods will likely be at the ready even if you’re eating without the extended family. You’re going to give in, but you don’t have to entirely. Maintaining fitness is primarily a game of calories in, calories out and the holidays cause an imbalance — one that can be corrected with a serious workout (or three). How serious? For Thanksgiving, you can’t mess around. Leaning on the precepts of CrossFit, this series of timed workouts will keep your heart racing and your muscles burning without the need for any equipment. It’s hard, so make it only as far as you can. Then stretch, shower, and enjoy your extra helpings — just on this special occassion. 

0-5 Minutes: Pushup, Situp, Squat

Try to gut out 25 of each within the 5-minute time limit. Sounds easy? This is the first five minutes, friend.

5-6 Minutes: Rest

6-11 Minutes: Burpee, Mountain Climbers

Two killer moves combined, start in an extended pushups position. Jump your feet towards your hands, then jump your whole body vertically in the air and back into a crouch. Jump feet back into an extended pushups position. From here, bring one knee high toward your chest, keeping your hands planted on the floor. Jump it back to the start position, bringing your other knee up at the same time. Continue this alternating pattern of moves for the full duration. 

11-12 Minutes: Rest

12-17 Minutes: Wall Sit 

Stand about two feet away from a wall, back to the wall. Lean back so that you back rests on the wall and bend knees until your quads are parallel to the floor, knees over toes. Hold this position.

18-19 Minutes: Rest

20-25 Minutes: Pushup, Situp, Squat

Remember me? Try to gut out another 25 of each within the 5-minute time limit. Sounds easy? This is the first five minutes, friend.

25-26 Minutes: Rest

26-31 Minutes: 21 Squats, Plank Push-Up

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend knees and sink down and back like you are about to sit in a chair, aiming to get quads parallel to the floor. Do 21 squats, then immediately get down and do 21 plank push-ups. For these, start from a plank position, resting on your forearms. Get up to a straight-armed plank (left then right first, then right then left next) and do a push-up. Get back down to the forearms and repeat until time is up.

31-32 Minutes: Rest

32-37 Minutes: Burpee, Mountain Climbers

Get back to it, alternating burpees and mountain climbers until the burn is too much. 

37-38 Minutes: Rest

39-45 Minutes: Push-Up, Burpees, High-Knees

This is it, so make that extra minute count. Drop to the floor and perform 5 pushups, followed by 5 burpees. Now stand and run in place for 60 seconds, lifting your knees as high as they will go while moving your legs as fast as you can. Do it again, and again, and again until your time is up.