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What Your Partner’s Sleep Position Has To Do With Their Personality

When it comes to sleeping, there’s a lot you need to teach your kid: getting them to sleep through the night, getting them to sleep past 5 AM … getting them to bed at all. Your partner, on the other hand, pretty much has this whole sleeping thing on lock. After all, they’ve been doing it their whole life. So while there may not be much left to teach them about the art of dozing, there’s still plenty you can learn by observing your slumbering spouse. As the video below explains, the way they sleep says a lot about who they are.

The Facts Verse video identifies 6 different sleep positions — front-to-back, side-to-side, and those in-between ones — and suggests the corresponding personality type. Are they a stomach sleeper? Then you’ve married a natural leader who will hate that surprise party you’re planning. Do they resemble a corpse during naptime? Then they are well-adjusted while maintaining high standards for others and themselves (no pressure). Do they feel most at home in the fetal position? Well, besides being well prepared for a bear attack, this also indicates they want to be protected and understood.

Will knowing your wife’s favorite way to sleep help you understand her as a person? Probably not. But hey — now you have a great conversation starter about your couple dynamics. At best it will help you gain some new perspective on their personality. At worst it’s harmless pseudoscience — like astrology. Although you can’t let anyone tell you Leos are better than Pisces at middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

[h/t] Facts Verse