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What Research Says About Your Pregnant Partner Eating Nuts

Dean Hochman

When your partner gets pregnant you may find she’s suddenly cautious if you offer her your nuts. She may seem unsure whether she can enjoy them. She may be so skeptical about your nuts that she might not even touch them, much less put them anywhere near her mouth. That’s because there has been some conflicting information in the last decade about whether peanuts or tree nuts are good for pregnant women and their friendly neighborhood fetus. Yes, those kind of nuts. What were you thinking?

Good news! Turns out nuts might actually be pretty damn amazing for your partner. So get out the Brazil nuts and crack open some cashews. (Gesundheit!)

The Research
Pediatricians and researchers have been incredibly puzzled about the fairly recent explosion in nut allergies among children. It’s not just media hype, either. Some researches have even gone as far as calling allergies among kids an “epidemic.” And all that concern has led to some serious studies.

flickr / David Goehring

flickr / David Goehring

One study, way back in 2010, by Danish researchers asked whether mothers should actually decrease their nut intake in order to snuff out nut allergies. What they found surprised them. According to their results “higher tree nut intake was inversely associated with a medication-related asthma diagnosis and self-reported allergic rhinitis.” They concluded that far from limiting nuts, moms might help their unborn kids out by eating more. Which prompted Mr. Peanut to put himself out there as an eligible bachelor, again.

A more recent study published by JAMA Pediatrics in 2014 offered similar conclusions. Researchers discovered that non-allergic women who ate nuts up to 5 times a week during pregnancy had much lower chances of having a kid with a nut allergy. They were very careful to note that they had not discovered causation, just a strong correlation. As opposed to a strong Carrelation, which hasn’t been seen since the Despicable Me.

flickr / Kirt Edblom

flickr / Kirt Edblom

Other Nutty Benefits
If your partner is still on the fence when you offer her your nuts. Just remind her that nuts have some additional benefits:

  • Fine source of vitamin B and C
  • Super source of protein
  • Great source of folic acid
  • They rock some micronutrients that are really good for her and her passenger

Just email her this article if she remains unconvinced. Before long she’ll be on your nuts like crazy. You’re welcome.