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Now You Can Always Win The Debate Over Whether Or Not That Food Is Still Good

Here’s a scenario you’ve probably encountered once or twice (or every night since you shacked up together): One of you takes a piece of chicken or a tomato or a loaf of bread out of the refrigerator or the freezer or the cupboard, looks at is inquisitively and asks the other, “Is this still good?” What ensues is a debate over how long said food can keep before it spoils, which is invariably followed by another debate about who should smell it.

Here’s a better idea: bookmark this page and don’t just end the debate. Win it. Because, seriously, no one wants to smell that thing. And if it is past its prime, don’t assume it’s inedible — there’s a chart for that too.

The Shelf Life of Food
Infographic by LindsaySnowOsborn.