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No, Mark Zuckerberg’s Baby Workout Isn’t Unsafe

Over the weekend, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg uploaded a video of himself working out. And honestly? The guy’s a lot stronger than he looks. It turns out he has a great trainer: Max, his 16-month-old daughter. In the video, Zuckerberg bangs out several pushups and pull-ups with her strapped to his back. Zuckerberg gives his daughter credit for motivating him to stay fit and healthy, commenting, “As soon as I finish she yells ‘More! More!’ Easily the most demanding trainer I’ve ever had.” But the use of his daughter has gotten Zuckerberg a fair share of angry commentators.

Dads working out with help from their kids is nothing new, but Mark’s video brought a new level of attention to this trend. Most people were delighted by the video, celebrating his creativity and the fun had with his daughter. Others, however, were concerned with Max’s safety, saying it was dangerous to not provide proper support for her neck as he performed pull-ups. Is Zuckerberg really putting his daughter’s health and safety at risk with this workout? Or is the internet simply overreacting to an innocent video?

Research shows that neck support is extremely important, but only while a newborn is learning head control. How long does it take for a child to have control over their neck? It varies, but by six months babies should have enough neck muscle and control to hold their head steady on their own. Max is more than a year old at this point, so she shouldn’t be in danger, as long as there’s no excessive head thrashing. Zuckerberg’s movements appear slow and steady.

Some may see this video and freak out over the idea of a dad putting his kid in harm’s way, but the reality reveals that reaction to be little more than an online parenting witch hunt. So instead of calling out Zuckerberg for putting his little girl in harm’s way, just enjoy a fun video that shows a dad combining fatherhood and fitness in a smart way. Save your anger for something else. Like when Facebook steals all your information.