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Jimmy Fallon Wants To Make Sure Your Kid’s First Word Is ‘Dada’

Like your father before you and his father before him, you’re likely on a not so secret campaign to make sure your kid’s first word is “Dada.” This week, Jimmy Fallon has memorialized that effort with a new book that proves it isn’t just human dads fighting the good fight.

Jimmy Fallon Children

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada depicts a host of silly looking barnyard animal dads who stand in the field repeating “Dada” to their nonplussed offspring. The baby animals simply reply with exactly the sound they’re supposed to make, frustrating their fathers who obviously haven’t ever heard of Old MacDonald.

[youtube expand=1]

By the end, the dads are able to round up all the kids for one last try, which is more successful than Fallon’s own personal efforts that inspired the book — so far. His daughter Winnie’s first word was “Mama,” but you can bet he’ll be reading his book nightly to 6-month-old Franny as the struggle continues. Godspeed, Jimmy

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada by Jimmy Fallon ($11)
Ages: 1-3