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How To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Your Kid’s Binkie

Whether it’s a blanket, a stuffed animal or one of those weird blanket/stuffed animal hybrids that comes from the toy shop on The Island Of Dr. Moreau, it’s totally normal for your kid to develop an abnormal obsession with something they cuddle with for comfort. That this thing quickly becomes a sort of foul snot-and-salvia rag might have the opposite effect of making you uncomfortable, but this is ultimately a developmental stage that you should be patient with. Make an effort to learn the specifics of why your kid chose this particular object, because it will provide some insight into their temperament and personality. Once you’ve done that, keep the conversation going so your kid learns to internalize the things they currently attribute to the … thing. Finally, since you really shouldn’t worry about breaking this particular habit until at least 3 years, make sure you have a backup binkie stashed somewhere, because hell hath no fury like a 17-month-old kid who’s lost their special thing.