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How To Deal With The Catastrophe That Is Toddler Meal Time

The most important thing to remember before engaging with the food-slinging, carpet destroying, hilarious-and-infuriating-in-equal-measure exercise that is feeding your kid is this: They’re actually learning a ton of stuff. Dropping things makes them fall, broccoli is delicious/awful, chewing makes swallowing easier – these are all new realizations to your kid and it should make you a little less stressed about the mess they’re making in the process. A few things that help mitigate the mess include diligent prep beforehand, so you can focus on feeding and not running back and forth to the kitchen; 2 sets of utensils, so your kid can see how they’re properly used and try to copy you; bowls and dishes with suction cups, so they can’t throw any more food than they can hold. Also, this is the one context in which a trash bag spread on the floor is helpful and not a sign that someone’s about to get knocked off by a mob boss.