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How Much Some Parents Are Making For Potty Training Other People’s Kids

Flickr / Matthew H.

Parents who have already potty trained their kid know that it’s an important job that pays as much in pride as poop. But for parents like Amanda Jenner who enjoyed the process enough to go pro, they’re bringing home as much as $2,600 a pop to potty train other people’s kids, The New York Post reported.

A basic Google search yields more than a handful of businesses that promise to get your kid on the John before they learn that’s your first name (instead of dad). From the clever Booty Camp to the straight forward NYC Potty Training, there are a variety of options for parents who would rather throw money at the problem (no judgement). At Jenner’s Potty Training Academy, where there’s currently a waiting list of one year, she moves in with families for 3 to 5 days to observe the family, all to keep your kid from crapping their pants. To put that into perspective she makes over 2 grand every 3 to 5 days, for doing what you were going to do anyways. There’s no word on if she’s wiping butts with her money, but at this rate she definitely could.

Whether or not you’re looking to change careers, Jenner’s 18-year career should give you at least some idea of how to turn a bathroom into an office. If not, you can always file it as an alternative career for your youngster if they don’t take to STEM. Hate on it all you want, but as long as their’s pooping kids, she’ll will always have a steady gig.

[H/T] The New York Post