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Exactly How Much Halloween Candy It Would Take To Potentially Kill You

Halloween spending is expected to reach an all-time high this year, and about $2.5 billion of that will be spent on candy. And sure, you can apply as many of these common sense tips for curbing your kid’s intake as much as you want. Or you could use an excuse your dad may have called on: Hey, it’s not going to kill them.

Fortunately the good people (and possibly parents) at the Los Angeles Times decided to make sure, just in case your childhood field work doesn’t hold up. According to the American Chemical Society, you have about a 50-50 chance of eating a lethal amount of candy if you consume 13.5 grams of sugar for each pound of body weight in one sitting. To put that in perspective, the Centers For Disease Control reports that the average American man weights approximately 195.5 pounds, which would mean you’d have to eat and/or drink nearly 2,640 grams of sugar to have the same chance as living or dying. That’s about 155 “fun size” Snickers or 102 “fun size” M&Ms, which is as stupid and ambitious as it sounds.

If your toddler doesn’t weigh the national average for a grown man just yet, first, good job. And second, you’re going to have to adjust your math accordingly if this is something you’re legitimately worried about. The odds are this information will come in handy when you tell your spouse they can take your hard earned treats from you cold dead hands. Because, who is your kid kidding? You did all the hard work this Halloween.

[H/T] Los Angeles Times