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How Ads You Saw As A Kid Influence What You Buy Today


skewed perceptions of brandslong after we develop more

sophisticated ways of processing advertising. As the study’s lead researcher warns, “Parents will want to consider that their judgment for products associated with ads they saw when they were children themselves might be clouded.” Meaning: Tony The Tiger may have turned you into a sleeper cell for Kellogg’s.


The study determined that kids 13-years-old or younger tend to form positive bonds with the  characters used to promote sugar cereals when they’re continually exposed to them – no great shock there. But it goes on to examine how likely those kids are, as adults, to consider the cereals that the characters promote to be “healthy,” “nutritious,” “low in calories” or “have a lot of fiber.” Turns out, surprisingly likely. The adults not only tended to agree with those assessments of cereal like Frosted Flakes; they maintained that attitude when presented with fictional brand extensions also promoted by Tony, like “Frosted Puffs.”


Assuming you had a sweet tooth for cereals as a kid,  there’s a chance you are, in fact, cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.