This Might Be The Best Thing A Guy Ever Said To His Wife Right After She Gave Birth

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What is the best thing to say to your wife right after she gives birth to your child?

A friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed told me this amusing story about the birth of his daughter.


There he was, draped as a surgeon, in the delivery room as his wife, also unnamed, was doing the “push” thing and eventually deposited an unnamed baby girl into the hands of a waiting OB doc who presented the baby briefly to the mommy and then had the little one sent out for her first bath and well child exam, before return to mother for the required bonding experience.


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But meanwhile, my friend took his leave to see exactly what might become of his daughter. Directly he returned to the mother, his wife, who was being prepared for the return of her baby.

And he said to her: “Honey, I’m worried about our baby.”

With concern, she replied, “What’s the matter?”

He answered, “Well, she doesn’t speak English, does not have a college degree, brought no money, and appears not to be toilet trained. Why is she like this? I fear we have produced a defective child, and I think we should give her to one of your co-workers.”

His wife broke into laughter, which was quickly supported by the nurses in the room, such that all were in uncontrollable hysterics as the newborn was returned to mother.

Thus, the first experience of the child was exposure to laughter and great happiness. She suckled well and happily. And in the fullness of time, I came to know her, and her parents, as some of the most well adjusted, secure and centered people I have ever known in my life.

Bottom line: laughter and joy, which we seek so much later in life, are best introduced  at the earliest opportunity.

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