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NYC Female Biker Gang Delivers Breast Milk To Premature Babies In Need

Not Your Mother’s Breast Milk might sound like the next bougie beverage sold at Whole Foods, especially if you’ve never been in the position of needing it. But no, donor milk is not for the girl who has everything (including huge hurting breasts). It’s mostly for premature babies from mothers produce an adequate milk supply — because studies show that preemies benefit from it most.

The New York Milk Bank is one of many organizations affiliated with the Human Milk Banking Association Of America working to solve this problem. The biggest difference between them and other banks? Well, that’d be the badass lesbian motorcycle gang delivering their breast milk. The Sirens Of NYC, the “oldest and largest” (their words) female motorcycle club in New York, are the squeezey riders who help schlep that sweet bosom nectar to hospitals all over the city. Julie Bouchet-Horwitz, the Executive Director of the New York Milk Bank, told the New York Post that she originally thought of the unique delivery idea after seeing how fast motorcycles get around NYC traffic. Not because of their boob expertise.

If your spouse is having trouble breastfeeding in general, this may not be for her. Rest assured there are plenty of other things you can do to support them that doesn’t involve calling your local biker gang. If you’re that big of a believer in the benefits, people also sell breast milk for a profit. But, on the other hand, if your partner is so prolific at breastfeeding that they’re leaking long after your kid is done with it, donate it to a good cause. Then invest that milk money in your baby’s college education.

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