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Enter To Win Gourmet Meals From Chef’d, Burgabox, And More

Family meal time is an essential routine. But there are those nights when you open the empty fridge and realize that making a quality dinner — and cleaning it off your kids — will be more frustrating than watching Game of Thrones with someone who’s read the books (Oh, this character doesn’t show up until book 3? Great. Thanks).

That’s why Fatherly is teaming up with PureWow, POPSUGAR, FamilyFun, and The Huffington Post to give you the chance to win a selection of gourmet meal kits. The kind that magically shows up at your door and contains everything you need to make a quick, kick-ass dinner for you and the kids.


Some of the items up for grabs include:

  • A burger and fries feast for 10 people from BurgaBox, the brilliant start-up that sends a freezer-packed box of all the fixings you’ll need to create a backyard barbecue-worthy meal.
  • $200 to spend on Chef’d Meal Kits. The delivery service offers an array of family and single meals sourced and created by world-renowned chefs.
  • An array of olive oils, spreads, and other such go-to ingredients from gourmet Greek purveyor Gaea.
  • $100 worth of healthy snacks and meals from HungryRoot, which traffics in such holy-crap-this-is-healthy?-fare-as Sweet Potato Morning Hash and Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough.

Basically, dinner’s on us. So enter your info and you could be the happy recipient of heathy, satisfying food that doesn’t require a trip to the grocery store or a bunch of groans from your family because it’s dad’s-famous-pantry-scraping-pasta again. It’s everything you need for an easy meal. Except for the whole kid-cleaning thing. That’s still on you.