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Study Says Exercising While Stressed Could Increase Heart Attack Risk

As much as you may prefer beer, sex, and sleep, exercise is still one of most recommended methods of managing stress — something having kids will give you in spades. The pressures of parenting can cause even the chillest of moms and dads to Hulk-out on occasion, and logic would suggest that Hulks fit in best at the gym. Sadly an extensive international study suggests that this impulse could have fatal consequences that aren’t from all the smashing.

Exercising Angry Increases Heart Attack Risk

Researchers looked 12,461 people in 52 countries who suffered one heart attack. Participants were asked about what they were doing and how they felt before it — whether or not they were angry, upset, or experiencing heavy exertion — in order to compare risk factors and triggers. They found that for both men and women, being angry or upset doubled the chances of a heart attack within an hour, and heavy exertion alone did the same. When anger and stress were combined with heavy exertion, the risk of heart attack tripled, proving that even your heart doesn’t like it when you get angry (much like your baby).

But before you embrace peak dad bod, it’s important to note that the average age of the participants in the study was 58, so you might not be on the treadmill towards the danger zone yet. Plus there’s plenty of evidence that suggests a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, so you should definitely still exercise, just in moderation and not when you’re full of rage. That’s what screaming with the car widows up is for.

[H/T] Fox News