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The Fatherly Baby Name Checker

See how potential baby names stack up against the legendary and the notorious.

Maybe you’re deciding on a baby name; maybe you’re trying to persuade your buddy to name his kid after you; or maybe you just secretly want to know how many other geniuses share your name. Whatever your name-vetting imperative, the Fatherly Baby Name Checker is here to help. Enter a baby name below and you’ll soon discover everything from its popularity among professional athletes to how likely you are to have the FBI busting down your door. It can save a future child from decades of unforeseen teasing, and save you from… actually, you’re screwed — unless you’re awesome.

Sources: FBI, American Kennel Club, Anagramica, Nobel Prize, Nameberry, The Guardian, The Oscars, The Pulitzer Prizes, CBS Sports, WNBA, Urban Dictionary