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A List Of The Toddler Injuries You Can Expect To Deal With

Falling off things, burning themselves, ingesting poison – all perfectly normal for your average 21-month old kid. The further into the world your kid is able to explore, the more risk they’re exposed to, and while you can’t mitigate every one of those risks without doing serious damage to their self confidence (not to mention your sanity), it helps to be prepared for the more common calamities that might befall them. This topic index compiled by Stanford Children’s Health covers everything from poisoning to eye trauma, as well as tips on recognizing what’s a minor injury and what warrants a trip to the ER. So, if that cut doesn’t get below the first layer of skin, apply some pressure, clean with soap and water and use a band aid. If Junior’s coughing blood, don’t panic but get them to the hospital. Once they’re in the care of a doctor, then you can freak out.