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10 World-Changing Baby Names Inspired By Inventors

Everyone wants to raise the next Elon Musk, if only to get the first ticket on a rocket out of here when the world finally implodes. And while choosing a baby name linked with an incredible inventor won’t necessarily mean your kid will invent a hyperloop, at least you’ll have something interesting to yell when they’re just plain hyper.

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So check out these prospective baby names inspired by the men and women who helped develop our modern world. From telegraphs to telephone charging, these people deserve at least a couple of kids who have their name.

Names For Girls

These weren’t just smart women — they made significant contributions to modern computing, satellite communications, and lingerie. In short, they deserve your respect.


For: Madam C.J. Walker
Why: Okay, her first name wasn’t actually Madam (she started life as Sarah Breedlove), but it’s still a super cool name. Particularly when you consider that Walker’s innovations in hair styling and its associated products made her the first nationally successful American-American woman entrepreneurs. And if you get any guff for your girl’s name, you can just say you meant to call her Mad Men but flubbed the form.

Madam C. J. Walker

Madam C. J. Walker


For: Martine Rothblatt
Why: As the creator of Sirius Satellite Radio, Rothblatt changed the way millions of people listen to stuff in their cars. As an attorney largely responsible for the Universal Declaration On The Human Genome And Human Rights, Rothblatt ensured that your genetic software can’t be bought and sold by corporations. So, basically, your welcome.


For: Eesha Khare
Why: Because she’s an 18 year old girl who invented a device that may enable you to charge your cell phone in 30 seconds. Enough said.
For: Rear Admiral “Amazing Grace” M. Hopper
Why: Not only did Hopper help design the first room-sized computer, she also invented a way for humans to talk to computers and a lexicon that we still use today. The term “debug”? That came from Hopper actually removing moths from her system. And “trolling” came from her long technical battles with the warty, smelly, awful mythological creatures that insisted on making her feel bad all the time. Which she killed with her fleet of Destroyers.

Rear Admiral "Amazing Grace" M. Hopper

Rear Admiral “Amazing Grace” M. Hopper



For: Caresse Crosby
Why: Because she was known as Caresse, for starters. But also mostly because she invented what essentially became the modern bra. Naming you girl after Caress may prompt strange looks from strangers, but you’ll have a great story! And no one will think you’re a pervert. Not after you explain the bra thing. Maybe.

Names For Boys

These gentlemen faced and overcame some serious barriers to move society forward. Telephony, telemetry, and the blessing of not having to teach your kid how to drive make these names honorable.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla


For: Nikola Tesla
Why: Tesla was a lightning-harnessing badass. He helped usher in the era of alternating current with the invention of the AC induction motor. He was also way ahead of his time, working on wireless communications long before the invention of the cell phone. He’s basically the reason you can text your wife apologies while your electric car drives you home from the strip club. Man, you’re gonna be an awesome dad!


For: Elon Musk
Why: You could just stop at the fact that he invented one of the most commercially feasible and insanely cool electric sports cars. But then you’d leave out stuff like the hyperloop. Or his propensity to just blow up millions of dollars of space cargo on his launchpad. Perfect name for a kid who’ll have either an electric or explosive personality.


For: Granville Woods
Why: Woods was the the first black American electrical and mechanical engineer after the Civil War. He was a contemporary of Thomas Edison, with whom he wrangled over several patents. One major accomplishment? Inventing a way for stations to talk to moving trains via telegraph. No word on how loco his motive was to do that.

Granville Woods

Granville Woods

Orville or Wilbur

For: Orville and Wilbur Wright
Why: Not only are these just cool names that deserve a comeback, the brothers Wright finally got humans into the air. They also prompted a vicious license-plate fight between North Carolina and Ohio. The downside? Either name may prove too accurate if your kid turns out to be flighty.


For: Galileo Galilie
Why: Dude invented the pendulum clock and various pumps. But he didn’t invent the telescope. Rather, he used one incredibly well to make astounding observations about the universe. Due to those observations, he ensured he was hassled for promoting a theory of heliocentrism. Great name if you don’t want you kid growing up to think they’re the center of the universe.