Halloween 2021

Whether it’s the potential for mischief or candy — the trick or treat — Halloween is a date that looms large on the calendar of kids of all ages. And after parents have made their kids’ Halloween costume ideas realities and escorted their little ninjas and princesses around the neighborhood, there are tons of Halloween movies for parents to watch during their own sugar coma.

Our guide to Halloween is as multifaceted as the holiday itself, from how to draw a spooky moon to the corniest Halloween jokes and puns — as well as big ideas kids (and parents) will want to consider well before October 31 rolls around.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Store-bought or homemade? Timeless or topical? Individual or group? These are but some of the crucial costume questions kids and their parents need to confront, and Fatherly is here to help with everything from the best costumes for pregnant people and their partners to kids’ costumes for those who can’t quite settle on what (or who) they’d like to dress up as this year.

Halloween Movies and TV Shows

With the possible exception of Christmas, no holiday’s cinematic selections can compete with Halloween’s. There are tons of horror movies, sure, but the kid-centric nature of the holiday means that there are also lots of family-friendly films (read: not bloody or terrifying or bloody terrifying) to choose from.

The sheer number of Halloween-adjacent films means that there are also a lot that aren’t worth your time. Our stories are the best way to make sure you only spend your time watching the spookiest Halloween movies (and funniest “Treehouse of Horror” episodes) there are.