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This Yuba Flip Flop Is A Cargo Bike That Changes Size to Stay Useful as Kids Grow

Yuba's new Flip Flip is a convertible balance bike designed to save you cash.

Chances are, your garage is a graveyard of outgrown bikes. Because while your kid grows pretty rapidly, their pedalers don’t. The Yuba Flip Flop is here to help. The balance bike not only helps kids transition to training-wheel-free riding but it also transforms to fit kids ages 15 months to 6-years-old. Another bonus: it’s also a cargo bike so kids can haul their toy stash, stuffed animals, or, like a proud hipster, their prized synth wherever they go.

The Yuba Flip Flop’s transformation process is pain-free. See that curved aluminum frame? Curved down, it measures 11 inches and fits kids 15 months to 3-years-old; curved up, it comes in at 20 inches to satisfy the bodies of older kids. When your kid’s of age, simply flip over the frame, flop the handlebars and wheels and your kid has another couple years of cruising along. As for that cargo rack, it fits a lunch box, wooden crate, or sold-separate saddle bag. Yuba also sells a $29 basket that mounts on the front because it’s a French company and what’s more French than a bike basket? Best of all, the Yuba Flip Flop runs a modest $120 (all things considered) and in addition to blue and lime comes in giraffe or cow pattern ⏤ so the only thing missing is the logo for your kid’s moooooving company.

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Yuba Flip Flop Convertible Cargo Bike

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